Beauty Pageants as a Holistic Approach for Development

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Whenever we think of Beauty Pageants, the first thought that we come across is Beauty. Most of us live under the belief that beauty pageants are nothing but a game where the girl with the best physical appearance takes away the crown. On the other hand, the reality lies in the other side of the coin. Beauty Pageants are not just about a contest where girls come out as winner by mesmerizing the judges with their perfect looks and figure, but the secret lies much deeper than that.


Beauty Pageants are a gateway through which the girls with the best amount of confidence and a strong zeal in her to change the world is being declared as the winner of the title. Each of us inherit some qualities in us, but the Beauty Pageants groom the participants in a way that they do not shy away from facing any problem in their lives anymore. Have you ever wondered why are the participants being asked about the current issues prevailing in the society in the last round? This decides the fate of the girls to either make or break the show. The judges explore the confidence and their visions for improvement of the world through that round. Not only that, they also judge them on the skills of impromptu speaking.

The trainers in the Beauty Pageants are behind the impactful personalities that the girls possess. The participants undergo various processes of training and brain storming before they actually get to face the stage. It takes a lot of courage to face an audience from all over the world. Communication skill is the biggest sword that any girl can have nowadays, and that is intensely sharpened in the Pageants for an all-round development of the participants. Hence, Beauty Pageants are much more than what we think of, and it actually helps to channel out the inner diva from the girls participating in them.