Who We Are

Glamanand Supermodel India

Who We Are

Glamanand Supermodel India is organized by Glamanand Entertainment Pvt Ltd, a company which is renowned for hosting popular beauty pageants and turning them out to be a grand success. Glamanand proudly owns many of the biggest international franchise of beauty pageants which covers various renowned International events. We aim at giving an opportunity at our participants to an extent where the girls will be able to represent India at various beauty pageants which are held globally. We provide the winner of Glamanand Supermodel India with an opportunity of representing India at the some of the major beauty pageants in the world – Miss International, Miss Earth and Miss Multinational.

Our Services

Glamanand Entertainment inherits a vast range of franchise with a goal of providing the participating girls with a bright and successful career. We do not only groom them in a way to be a fashionista, but also make sure that they become a powerful figure who can influence the society for betterment. We organize National as well as International events which enables the participants to follow the path leading to their dreams. Here is the list of pageants that we host:

  • Miss Multinational
  • Miss Teen International
  • Mr Multinational
  • Miss Teen India
  • Glamanand Supermodel India
  • Mr Teen India
  • Mrs India